Shipper Indicator

Shipper Indicator

Shipper Indicator is a multipurpose weight indlicator useful for industrial application. Weighment includes one time data entry related to that lot and saving many sample weights one by one Various available options like Weighing automatic/with user Intervention, printing: online/offiline, Print format: Individual labels / collate ticket, Saving under a lot number/individual number makes it versatile and field configurable for many such application.


  • Front mount 16x2 LCD display & 16 key keyboard. Standard computer keyboard connectivity through keyboard port Ticket and report on 80 column Dot matrix Printer Label, barcode printing using label printer (OPTIONAL RS232 port for continuous transmission of current weight USB port for pen drive connectivity Memory to save records Digtal input for Start/Enter (OPTIONAL)
  • Weighing of many samples one by one Four digit counter number on display tem serial number can be field set as bale/bag/RST number Only one time data entry for samples that belong to similar batch /group. Field settable data entries to enter party, quality eto Weighing for samples by operator using enter key OR Automatic saving of stable weigh samples with valid weight Online printing during weighing OR Offine printingsing duplicate ticket option Label printing for individual sample OR TIcket in collate format, for all samples under one weighment Lot wise saving for 9999 lots having 200 samplies/lot OR Individual saving of each samples, but that too with easy weighing procedure Lot size entry of auto end of lot after said samples One sample cannot be entered twice for fraud/wrong entry Invalid sample cannot be saved automaticaly Field settable zero margin, stability factors Tare weight codes for deduction of packing/binding material in prints Date wise time wise, RST wise report


  • Automatic weighing of stable sample.
  • Protection against wrong counting
  • Softcopy in .xls format using pen drive
  • Complete record of dispatch/production/inward for day/hour.
  • Lot wise working.

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