Lable / barcode Printing Indicator

Lable / barcode Printing Indicator

This indicator is designed to suit industrial needs of barcode/label printing. Now-a-days barcode is popularly used to provide unique identification of goods. Indicator has a facility to connect "Label Printer" externally viaa COM port. Printed label can include information of weight date, time, entries and bar code based on the customization


  • Load cell port for connecting weighing platform USB port for connecting a 101 key keyboard for installation/ settings /operation 16x2 character LCD display to show weighment process Internal buzzer for process indication Printer port for connecting 80 column DMP printer USB port for connecting pen drive Serial (RS-232) port for connecting a label printer Memory to store up to 9,999 records 230 V AC operated
  • s Weighment procedure as per weighbridge or Industrial needs Option of saving of the records is provided Printing Labels for each weighment on label printer Customized label for required size, arrangement, barcode etc Provision of report printing RST/Date wise (Full, Summary, Pending and Complete)


  • Barcode Printing
  • make the duplicacy difficult by any other person, thus reduce fraud
  • Barcode information utilized for further processing by any PC based application using the barcode scanner

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