Compression Type Loadcell

Compression Type Loadcell

The 65058 is a mid to high capacity, nickel-plated alloy steel, double ended Shear beam load cell.

This product is designed for use in certified truck and rail scales and is available in capacities ranging from 10,000 to 250,000 lbs.

This load cell is rated intrinsically safe by the Factory Mutual System (FM); making it suitable for use in potentially explosive environment.

This load cell is certified for legal for trade applications by both American NTEP and International OIML standards.


  • The structure of weighbridge is made up of a framework of girders adequately reinforced with transverse beams and suitable non-slip top deck. The entire steel framework is mounted on strain gauge double end shear beam / Rocker pin type load cells. The number of load cells depends on the length of the platform.
  • The shear stress produced by the load is detected by a strain gauge, full bridge circuit and converted into an analog electrical signal. The signal from each load cell is fed to Junction box. The output from Junction box is fed to microprocessor based weighbridge terminal LEO FSD – 501 . The processing electronics of terminal digitizes the signal from the Junction-box using an ADC, based on latest Sigma Delta Technology and weight is registered on LED display.


  • Rated capacities of 10,000 to 225,000 lbs
  • Center-link loaded
  • Integral conduit adaptor
  • Trade certified for NTEP Class IIIL: 10000 divisions; Class III: 5000 divisions and OIML R60 3000 divisions in 20,000 to 100,000 lbs range
  • Sensorgagesealed to IP67 standards
  • Factory Mutual System Approved for Classes I, II, III;
    Divisions 1 and 2; Groups A through G.
    Also, non-incendive ratings (No barriers!).

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