Check Weight Indicator

Check Weight Indicator

Check weigh Indicator is a special plain digitizer for static check weigh applications. It facilitates, easy weight checks, so that acceptable weight can be passed & high/low weights can be rejected. Proper visibility of signals using tower light mounted on top, makes the product easy and fast for operation. Installing this in production/dispatch/QC department makes the industry's output reliable and reduces rejection from further departments/market.


  • Provision of Tower light for easy visibility Built in four keys for setting and operations Built in Battery Backup in case of power failure Three-step calibralson to achieve accurate and error fre calibration Smart calibration for correcting faulty weight without putting load Actual weight display at power ON Provision of weight tracking & selectable Decimal point 24 Bit ADC LED to indicate AC/Battery operation
  • Provision to program 24 product codes Multiple products with different weight range can be programmed No need to set the parameters again on changing the item for check weighing One touch key for new product selection Over Bange In Rangs

Double Ended Sharebeam Loadcell

  • Static check weighing
  • Code bank for item,ranges
  • Easy code selection
  • 30 Horus Battery Backup
  • Ready solution for visible signal
  • No hassles for electrical wiring for signal light

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