4500 Dual Platform

4500 Dual Platform

Weighbridge Application Intelligent Terminal BAND 4500 dual platform isspecially designed to fulfil the need of weighing industry for cost effective capacity expansion BR control of two weighbridges by a single weigh room operation. During breakdown of one weighbridge, working of other will not be affected But of 2 weighbridge platform both can have different capacities sizes, load cell types Capacity expansion types Existing mechanical structure can be utilized No installation down time during erection of add-on weighing structure Platform weight selection facility for 1st, 2nd BR total weight Saving, printing will be as per selection Data will exactly resemble simple weighbridge Dual weighbridge controlt Single weighbridge room and operator is required Reduces operating cost Inward,outward data can be maintained in a common database Dacility of weighbridges selection


  • Initial LCD display message field settable as MEM name@weighbridge name Installation settings secured under engineer login Engineer login password field settable by authorised BEM 20 step software callbration with random load sequence aseparate for both platforms Smart Calibration separate for both platform Multi step smart calibration aseparat for both platforms Calibration data restoring aseparate for both platformsta Installation report
  • Simple process for weighments of Tare3 Bross Behicle weights 10 entries in ticket for 25 characters each 4 code banks for 100 codes eachla Alexibility of setting Dield settable header, footer, signature lines Dacility to view print earlier saved records according to RST nod Behicle no Multiple report option allasummary filteredaserial no. wise@date wise@time wise Dumping of report into pen drive to aval softcopy of records Bxis aeld settable Pre printed tickets SMS feature in b different ways Net weight printing in words Mandi Application feature of Rate, Amount, Binding material deduction etc.


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