Onsite Services

Onsite Services

In an emergency, one thing matters most: reducing downtime to a minimum. Our service specialists can be reached day and night. They make their way to your site in no time at all from one of our service centers to carry out on-site repairs using the necessary spare parts. In this way, we ensure high availability of your production facility. To make sure we can respond quickly, every service center has access to a comprehensive range of spare parts. As a result, the required spare parts are right where they are needed in a short time.

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School bus body builder , Mini bus body buliders , Caravan body builders

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Onsite Services

  • The structure of weighbridge is made up of a framework of girders adequately reinforced with transverse beams and suitable non-slip top deck. The entire steel framework is mounted on strain gauge double end shear beam / Rocker pin type load cells. The number of load cells depends on the length of the platform.
  • The shear stress produced by the load is detected by a strain gauge, full bridge circuit and converted into an analog electrical signal. The signal from each load cell is fed to Junction box. The output from Junction box is fed to microprocessor based weighbridge terminal LEO FSD – 501 . The processing electronics of terminal digitizes the signal from the Junction-box using an ADC, based on latest Sigma Delta Technology and weight is registered on LED display.

Why we are best?

Sigma Delta Analog to digital converter and chopper stabilized programmable gain instrumentation amplifier

  • Noise: 6nv/ √hz @ 0-1hz
  • linearity error: 0.0007%FS
  • Internal resolution: 24bit
  • Input range:0-30 mv
  • Type - 7 segment LED
  • Height - 1 inch
  • Number of digital - 6 digits
  • Colour - Super bright red
  • Unit : :kg
  • Temperature range: 10 °C ~ 55 °C
  • Auto zero tracking
  • Auto weighing memory
  • Computer connectivity : Optoisolated RS 232 port interface # Power consumption : 7 VA (max)
  • Remote display: Parallel port 15 pin D-connector provided at side of weighbridge terminal
  • Optional Jumbo display ( 2 inch or 4 inch high digits )
  • Housing: Sturdy gray colored ABS plastic cabinet
  • Junction-box: ABS I.P. 65 Sealing